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Have you ever wanted something so badly that your own mind became your biggest obstacle?


Elizabeth Clor wanted nothing more than to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon. Dead set on achieving this goal, she found herself bound up in a vicious cycle of perfectionism and anxiety that thwarted her at every turn, despite making significant gains in her physical abilities over seven years. Boston Bound is the story of how Elizabeth discovered that her own brain was the culprit, and explains the steps she took to completely overhaul her mindset about her running and her life.

For anyone seeking to realize their full potential, physically or otherwise, this story provides specific tools and a useful framework to identify and remove mental roadblocks.

Who should read this book?

  • Runners who want to qualify for the Boston Marathon
  • Runners who have qualified for the Boston Marathon, and are interested in someone else's story
  • Athletes who have hit a plateau, and have become frustrated with their sport 
  • Athletes who struggle with performance anxiety
  • Anyone who has difficulty coping with perceived failures
  • Anyone who reads the Racing Stripes blog and has found it interesting and/or helpful

What will you get out of this book?

  • Tips, tools, and strategies for dealing with disappointment
  • Tangible ways to cope with and minimize anxiety and self-doubt
  • A juxtaposition of how NOT to analyze your performance vs. how TO analyze it
  • A relatable story of mental and emotional struggle in the pursuit of a goal

Reader Reviews

Excellent Read for Runners of all Backgrounds and Skill Levels
I’ve read a number of running books throughout my career as a runner. Some of them are more interesting than others but this one really stood out for me. Whether you’re trying to qualify for Boston or just looking for ways to get around some of the mental roadblocks that are keeping you from becoming a stronger runner in general, you should consider this book to be a must read.
— Tom L. ( Review)
An Inspiration for Runners—and Everyone Else!
Although written primarily for running enthusiasts and marathoners, Boston Bound will prove inspiring for anyone who has poured his/her energy and heart into pursuing a particular goal. The author presents a compelling and very personal struggle, played out in her mind as well as on the many marathon courses she has run in her striving to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon.
— Terri C. ( Review)
An engrossing, inspirational introspective
Elizabeth’s message is inspirational, not only for us runners, but for everyone. Personally, I could relate deeply to Elizabeth’s struggles with the spiral of perfectionism, anxiety, and depression, and I feel that the lessons learned from her eventual breakthrough can be applied not only to an athletic career, but to one’s career and relationships as well.
— Melanie S. ( Review)
Not just for runners
Fun, fast, easy read. Whether or not you’re a marathoner or even an endurance athlete it’s a great story on perseverance. If you’ve ever set any type of stretch goal (athletic, personal, or career) that required focus, dedication and even sacrifice to achieve - you will appreciate this book. Elizabeth’s honesty on her expectations, frustrations and reaching out for support and help are truly inspiring. Highly recommend.
— Beth F. ( Review)
Excellent book. Highly recommended!!
Most running books are written by Olympians and Professional Athletes. While I do enjoy them, much is lost for us mere mortals with regular day jobs. I really enjoyed the perspective of a recreational runner with an incredible goal. Her goal was not to obtain a gold medal or be the fastest in the world. It was to run the Boston Marathon, to run along side the fastest marathoners in the world.
— Patrick D. ( Review)
When you believe in the process long enough - it will be worth it!
So much more than a running story. A truly inspiring account of the darker side of obsession, perfectionism, anxiety and Elizabeth’s struggles to overcome these. Boston Bound is a story of dedication, commitment, the road to recovery - and successfully getting that elusive BQ!
— Rochelle B. ( Review)
Authentic and real
It’s rare to read a book that’s as reflective and honest as Elizabeth’s. I’m not a runner, but I could definitely relate to every struggle that she experienced and will definitely start to practice some of her learnings around mental toughness.
— Benjamin L. ( Review)
Not just a book on running, but on winning mental marathons
Elizabeth has written a fantastic and illuminating book on the challenges that plague runners of all levels and abilities. Her colorful language brought her training runs and races to life, and her willingness to be introspective and truly investigate her mental barriers and figure out how to leap over those hurdles made this a very honest and compelling read.
— Vanessa C. ( Review)

Elizabeth Clor

Elizabeth Clor is an endurance athlete who runs competitively at all distances from the 5K to the marathon. She made the transition from treadmill/fitness runner to road racing in 2005 when she unexpectedly won first place at her college reunion 2-mile race. Since then, she has run over 100 races (including 20 marathons), and was ranked 6th in her age group for the Washington, D.C. metro area in 2015 by Washington Running Report.

She graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in English Language and Literature and is a full-time marketing professional. She authors the popular running blog Racing Stripes and is a regular contributor to various running publications, including the Athlinks Blog.



Elizabeth regularly updates her Racing Stripes blog with race reports, running reflections, and guidance for others. The site also includes her full racing history and all the original blog posts that Boston Bound was adapted form. Below are popular posts from the blog.